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Department of Cancer Imaging and Metabolism

The Department of Cancer Imaging and Metabolism was initiated in April 2008 with the hiring of Drs. Robert A. Gatenby and Robert J. Gillies as chair and vice-chair of Radiology. 


The Imaging Research Program was funded through investments from Moffitt Hospitals, Research Institute and Foundation.

The mission of this program is to develop a world-class translational cancer imaging research program.

Over the past year, we have made significant progress in establishing capabilities in Imaging Research, Training and Core Facilities.  We have also been successful in initiating an administrative structure to coordinate these activities.  In the next year, we expect to continue on the same path through the addition of new faculty, new trainees and new core capabilities.

The imaging research program is divided into three divisions:  Imaging Biomarkers, Imaging the Microenvironment,Targeting Agents and Buffer Therapy.  Each of these has independent funding and the participants in each theme have weekly group meetings.  In addition there is a monthly meeting of clinical radiology research.

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Lab group pictures

MOFFITT Imaging Program – 2012
Front row (from left to right): S. Jackson, M. Cochran, L. Garcia, B. Patel, A. Cohen, Y. Smith, M. Raghavan, A. Ibrahim Hashim, V. Moberg, K. Bailey2nd row: C. Schmitt, T. Das, Y. Kam, M. Pereira, K. Luddy, S. Hasan, V. Estrella, G. Martinez, H. Subramanian, O. Grove, H. Wang, P. Foroutan, R. Afzal, L. Xu, C. KurtzBack row: A. Bumpus, M. Damaghi, X. Huang, A. Chen, H. Tian, M. Mills, A. Silva, D. Morse, E. Moros, J. Heine, R. Gillies, J. Zhang, R. Gatenby, J. Wojtkowiak, P. Enriquez Navas, E. Ruiz, D. Verduzco, P. Dutta, Y. Balagurunathan, Z. Khin, Y. Gu, J. Rey 

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3/5/2014: Jasmine Oliver was selected to participate in the 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting dedicated to Physiology or Medicine, in Lindau Germany from June 29th - July 4th this summer.


11/2012: The Radiomics Workshop report 2012 is available[View]


Abstract accepted for WMIC 2012: Characterization of Multivalent Targeted Molecular Imaging Probes


Allison Cohen's abstract accepted for WMIC 2012: Discovery of Cell-Surface Markers for Molecular Imaging of Lung Cancer